Jobs in Data Science

Applicants are invited for a post-doctoral position at Yale University. The position is for 2 years with possible extensions. The choice of project would to some degree depend on the applicant’s interests and abilities, though it is expected that the research will be purely computational. Broadly, our data science-oriented projects include the quantification of genotype data from expression datasets, integrative models of gene expression within sub-regions of the human brain, networks-based approaches for mining large cancer genomic datasets as well as Hi-C data, and leveraging data from large consortia (such as ENCODE) to evaluate and predict cancer-associated variants. For specifics, see lab research areas. A step-by-step guide to learning about the lab for prospective postdocs is available.

The ideal applicant would have a PhD in bioinformatics, computer science, applied mathematics, statistics or a related field. However, any background with strong training in another area of science (e.g., biology or chemistry) would also be appropriate. He or she would be very skilled in programming and using the computer to solve problems (e.g. experience with C/C++, R/matlab, python/perl, SQL, HTML/java and so on).

Applicants are requested to send a CV that includes a list of publications and details of 3 references. Normal e-mail is OK for all correspondence. However, copies of official documents may be necessary in paper form. Please click here to start the application.